·Jewish wedding·

I will be able to guide you through every single phase of the planning of your Jewish wedding thanks to my comprehensive knowledge of all the norms as well as my contacts with the Italian suppliers that can solve any kasherut related problems. The Jewish wedding has both a private and public dimension as it is the union of the spouses in agreement with God therefore it represents the pact between God and the Jewish people.

There are two distinct stages in a traditional Jewish wedding ,the Kiddushin where the groom, under the guidance of the two best men, and after the Rabbi has recited the Birkat ha-Erusin, places the ring on the bride’s right index finger while reciting: “Look, you are here now consecrated to me trough this ring, according to the low of Moses and Israel “ and the Nessu’in that is celebrated under the Chuppah, the preciously decorated cloth, the four angles of which represent the walls of the house the couple will start building from that day on.

The reading in Aramaic of the Ketubah, the prenuptial wedding agreement that states the groom’s responsibilities in the couple, in the family and towards the bride and the amount due to her, happens halfway through the rite. During the ceremony both the bride and the groom will drink twice from the goblet of wine and the Rabbi will recite the Sheva Berachot. The ceremony ends when the groom breaks the glass, to symbolize the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem and the departure of the Jewish people from the holy land.